• What's the deal here?
    Justice Postcards are a tool to help justice oriented organizations raise much needed funds. They are meant to be used as an incentive and a thank you gift to donors in a month-long donor drive.
  • How can my org use the Justice Postcards?
    The idea is to get new sustaining monthly donors of $20 or more so your org can have a more stable funding source going forward. Some orgs will also send this thank you gift to current sustainers and big donors.
  • Do we have to be a 501(c)3?
    Your org does not have to be a registered 501(c)3 to use Justice Postcards.
  • How is an org chosen?
    Interested organizations apply using the Inquiries form. Criteria include a justice oriented mission, number of potential donors, capabilities of donor platform used, staff capacity to run an online donor drive, and ease of communications.
  • How many orgs will be using Justice Postcards?
    Probably 6-10 orgs will use the first print run of the Justice Postcards. Further print runs will be TBD.
  • Will a similar org be offering them at the same time?
    We will endeavor not to select more than one org who has a significantly overlapping supporter base with another org using Justice postcards in their donor outreach.