• Where can I get a set?

    If you're an individual wanting a set of Justice Postcards for your own use, check out  my Etsy listing where proceeds are donated to Movement Voter Project, supporting grassroots organizing all over the country.  

  • How much postage does each card require to mail?
    These cards need a letter rate stamp such as a Forever stamp. They are too big for the postcard stamp rate.
  • Who should I write to?
    You can write to anyone! I hope you will use some of them to thank activists and leaders who you appreciate. Supportive words are powerfully strengthening.
  • How can I find the address for someone I don't know personally?
    Activist leaders can receive mail through their organizations' mailing address. Help people maintain their privacy by not searching out their home address if you don't know them personally.
  • NonProfits

  • What's the deal here?
    Justice Postcards are a gift freely given to justice oriented organizations to share in any way that brings joy and supports mutuality.
  • How can my org use the Justice Postcards?
    Justice Postcard sets can be given to donors or staff as an appreciation, used by your staff to write to donors, given away at an event, or shared in any other way that brings joy and advances connection and goodwill for your organization.
  • Do we have to be a 501(c)3?
    Your org does not have to be a registered 501(c)3 to use Justice Postcards.
  • Can we use share and use the images on the postcards?
    The artists have given permission only for the digital versions of these images to be used in direct conjunction with a fundraising campaign conducted by your org. They cannot be used in any other way. All permitted uses of individual images must have the artist's name credited along with it.
  • Logistics

  • Is there a cost to my organization?
    Collective Vision provides postcard sets as an in-kind donation to progressive organizations. There is no cost to your org.
  • Origins

  • Do you make any other postcard sets?
    Not anymore. The postcards designed to be sent to Congress (Democracy postcards and Climate postcards) are out of stock and discontinued. The Be a Voter postcards I made for Postcards to Voters are still available through Postcards to Voters, but not through Collective Vision.
  • Why did you make Justice Postcards?
    I made Justice Postcards as a way to help support the super important front line advocacy and organizing work being done to create a more just society and a robust multiracial democracy.
  • Who printed them?
    Justice Postcards were printed by a union printer in Portland Oregon. The union "bug" is printed on the address side.
  • Are you going to make another postcard set or other thank you gifts?
    There are no plans to make any more sets or other types of gifts at this time. But I'll never say never!
  • Artists FAQ

  • How were these images chosen?
    Images were discovered from diligent internet searching and were chosen to form a balanced and diverse set that represents many forms of justice work.
  • Who are the artists?
    The 8 artists who created these 10 images are all from North America. You can read more about them and about the specific imagery of their work, as well as find their contact information, on their bio pages.
  • Have the artists been compensated?
    Each artist was offered a small honorarium in appreciation of their skill. They each chose to participate because they believed in the mission of supporting justice oriented organizations in raising funds.