About Collective Vision

I created Collective Vision after the 2016 election as a way to support the upsurge of democratic activism. The original idea was to make it easier for ordinary people speak out to Congress using postcards.

As a retired entrepreneur from the print industry, creating postcard sets and putting them into people’s hands, has provided a fulfilling way to put my skills to work for positive change. I started by creating the Postcards to Congress series - the Democracy Pack and the Climate Pack . These postcards are all out in the world doing their work. They are no longer available for purchase and no more of these designs will be produced. 

In 2017, I discovered Postcards to Voters, the impressive initiative which coordinates campaigns of handwritten cards to voters in key, close races. I volunteered myself to help Tony the Democrat create the wildly popular Be a Voter postcards. This is grassroots hands-on activism at its best and I’ve been thrilled to be able to support this powerful and effective change strategy.

And in 2020, I was keenly aware of the need to strengthen the web of support for those on the front lines of demanding change and justice. So I have created the Justice Postcards. These beautiful art postcards are being offered as a free in-kind donation to justice oriented non-profits to use in ways that bring joy and support mutuality.

The Justice Postcard art was chosen to inspire, to help us focus on our collective strengths and give hope for positive change. My hope is that these postcards will be used to reach out to one another with messages of support and solidarity. We all need this now.

I operate this project as a volunteer. Collective Vision is my way to join hands with others who are working for a world where liberty and justice really are for all, and where kindness and social responsibility are at the foundation of our policies, interactions and laws. Thanks for your interest.

~Erika, Postcard Steward

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” the Dalai Lama