Time to Take Action

It certainly has been a rough ride since inauguration day. Like many of you, I was thrown into a state of overwhelm, dismay and fear as one destructive Executive Order and horrific Cabinet pick after another was announced. And of course, much of the news has proceeded in a similar vein since then.

The only clear silver lining seems to be the immense activation of ordinary citizens who can no longer just go about their lives ignoring politics for the most part. Hundreds of thousands of people of conscience in the U.S. are feeing compelled to action. 

I created Collective Vision to support this upsurge of democratic activism by:

  • providing the supplies to make postcard writing easy
  • amplifying the message with positive imagery
  • providing resources to make you an effective postcard activist 

I started by creating the Postcards to Congress series – the Democracy Pack, the Climate Pack, and a new set of postcards in the works – the Justice Pack - using illustrations and artwork from a wide variety of artists on the theme of racial, social and environmental justice.

Then I discovered Postcards to Voters, the impressive initiative which coordinates campaigns of handwritten cards to voters in key, close races. I volunteered myself to help Tony the Democrat create the wildly popular Be a Voter postcards which we now sell only on Amazon. It’s grassroots hands-on activism at its best and I’m thrilled to be able to support this powerful and effective change strategy. Using my mom’s lighthearted, color–in-able artwork, I also created the Limited Edition Animal Puns Voter Postcards set, which was available on Collective Vision. 

Please note that although this website looks like a commercial venture, it is actually a project I am running as a volunteer. Collective Vision is my way to join hands with others who are working for a world where liberty and justice really are for all, and where kindness and social responsibility are at the foundation of our policies, interactions and laws. Thanks for being a part of all this.

~Erika,  Postcard Steward

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” the Dalai Lama