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To get a set of 20 high quality, oversized Justice Postcards, simply donate $42 or more to Movement Voter Project's Big Five Battleground Fund  and then send me proof of your donation and the address where you want your postcards sent to.  It's that simple!

What is Movement Voter Project's Big Five Battleground Fund?

It is a fund that evenly divides donations between 42 pre-vetted local organizations in five battleground states. These groups are building the multiracial coalitions that we need to mobilize to WIN BIG IN NOVEMBER.  Check out Martin Sheen's explanation of Movement Voter Project!

Why can't I just buy the postcards?

Funding local community-based  organizations is the most effective and cost-effective strategy to make real and lasting change. Justice Postcards is a not-for-profit project designed to be a fundraising tool for justice-related organizations, not to be sold as a retail product.

Can I give to a different organization and still get my free Justice Postcards? 

Yes, you can choose any of  the 438 organizations pre-vetted by Movement Voter Project.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

No. Because these groups are doing voter mobilization work, donations are not tax deductible. 

How do I redeem this offer? 

To redeem this offer simply  email me the receipt (or a screenshot of your confirmation) for a donation of $42 or more that you made between August 26 and November 3, 2020 and your mailing address, and I will send you a lovely, inspiring, uplifting set of 20 oversized postcards with original art on the theme of justice.  And if you donate over $100, I'll send a second set to you or a friend of yours!