Sustained Activism

  • What can I do when Iím feeling overwhelmed?
    Remember there are millions of people paying attention now. So allow yourself to take a break from the news when you need to. Spend time with friends. Do things that make you happy. Staying balanced will keep you strong for the work that is ahead.
  • What else can we do besides write postcards?
    Attend town hall meetings with your MoCs. Work with your neighbors on local projects. Become a sustaining monthly donor to organizations you support. Volunteer your time in your community or on a candidate's campaign. Join a local board or working group. Be the change you want to see!
  • How can I find other people to write postcards with?
    Invite friends over for a postcard party. Or connect with your local chapter of Indivisible or Solidarity Sundays. Or just make a regular phone date with one friend and put each other on speaker phone while you write cards together.