New Images FAQ


  • What is the purpose of this project?
    To make it easy for regular people to participate in our democracy by using inspiring postcards to write to their elected officials.
  • Who writes postcards for political action anyway?
    Millions of Americans have taken up postcarding as a way to speak out against policies they don't agree with and advocate for what they want from Washington. They come from every corner of the country, from red states and blue states, rural and urban.
  • Do postcards make a difference in our current situation?
    Yes! 70% of Congressional offices report that receiving 10-50 personal correspondences on a single topic to their office will cause the rep to consider taking the action suggested.
  • What kind of imagery is needed?
    Imagery that can carry the messages being sent. Imagery about people creating the realities we want to inhabit. Imagery that makes you feel good when you send the postcard and that might make at least a small connection with the staffers receiving it.
  • What will the imagery be used for?
    The illustrations, artwork and photography being collected will be used to print onto postcards. 20 designs will be chosen to create the next postcard pack to be distributed to progressive postcarders.
  • NewArtwork

  • Is this only for professional artists?
    No! We welcome all artists to consider joining this project by submitting images suitable for postcards. From professionals to child-artists, and everything in between. All are welcome and encouraged.
  • Is this only for mainstream white folks?
    Absolutely not! Imagery of and by people from communities who are the targets of oppression are a vital part of the Justice Pack. These images will help amplify the advocacy being written about on the other side of the cards. Yes!
  • Can artists from other countries participate?

    Yes!  We welcome all artists, especially those who are impacted by injustice to suggest imagery.  However, since this project is focused on justice in the US, images that specific to a non-US setting will not be able to be used.

  • How will the artists be compensated?
    Artists and photographers whose work is chosen for the Justice Pack or another postcard pack, will have their website printed on the card and linked to on the CollectiveVision website, will receive 30 postcards with their image on it and their choice of $150 cash or 2 Deluxe Gift Packs of postcard sets worth $190. There are a limited number of $300 stipends available as well.
  • How will people know who created the image?
    On the writing side of the card, there will be a brief printed description, a credit and a link to the artist's website if desired. This information will also be listed along with the image on the Collective Vision website.
  • Referrals

  • How do I suggest an artist?
    Just fill out the Suggestion Form with as much information as you know and we will visit the artist's website and follow up as appropriate. Also feel free to send a link to this page to an artist who you think would be interested in participating in postcards for political action.
  • How do I suggest a quote to be made into a postcard?
    Thank you for suggesting inspiring words for the issues that face us today. We are especially interested in quotes from contemporary social justice leaders. Remember that quotes must be relatively short to fit on the image side of a 4x6 postcard. To make a suggestion, simply use the Suggestion Form.
  • How do I submit an image?
    The Suggestion form will lead you through the submission process and give you detailed information about what happens next.
  • Can I suggest more than one image?
    Yes, of course! Each Suggestion Form allows for up to 5 images to be uploaded and you are welcome to fill out the form more than once if need be.
  • What's the best way to spread the word about this call for images?
    Please tell your artist and photographer friends about this call for images! Share the link on social media. We really want a wide range of art to be represented. Thank you!
  • Images

  • What themes should the images show?
    The main criteria is that images depict the kind of society we want to inhabit. While snarky or negative messaging can feel cathartic, this project focuses solely on the collective vision for a world based on social, economic and environmental justice for all. Since this project is focused on the US, images should not be specific to a non-US setting.
  • Can there be words incorporated into an image?
    Words about what we want (not what we are in opposition to) are powerful and can definitely be part of an image. In fact,we have a list of short powerful quotes we will be adding to the image side of some postcards, where appropriate.
  • What about the people in my photos?
    Photos of a crowd in a public place are fine. If the photo is of a small group of people who are visible in an identifiable way, permission might be needed. When in doubt, submit the image and we will consult with you.
  • Can I submit just a sketch?
    Absolutely! We encourage you to submit a simple sketch and if it is selected we will contact you about creating a more finished version.
  • What proportions does the image need to be?

    Some images will be paired with carefully selected, impactful quotes so there is no single proportion that is required.   Each image chosen will be prepped for printing by a professional graphic artist who can make adjustments to the sizing and proportions if necessary.

  • What format should I upload?
    Jpgs or PDFs are preferred. If you have an illustration or painting or other physical art, simply take a couple of cell phone pictures of it to submit. If it is chosen we may need a better image to print from and if so we will work out the details with you.
  • Selection Process

  • How will the imagery be chosen?
    The submission period will remain open and as soon as 20 images that work well together have been submitted or solicited, chosen artists will be informed and compensated. The rest of the submissions will be considered for future postcard sets.
  • When will I hear back about my image?
    When a full set of 20 images has been chosen, or in September, whichever comes first, we will send an email to everyone who has submitted with an update.
  • When will I be paid?
    If your image is chosen and the compensation option you've selected is to be paid, this check will be mailed to you as soon as the images are sent to the printer.
  • Can I get some postcards of my image?

    Yes, of course! If your image is chosen we will send you a stack of cards of just your image as well as several full sets of the new postcard pack in which your image appears.