Please note: I will be out of town May 16 - 26.  Orders received during that time will be shipped on May 29. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

About Postcards to Voters

Postcards to Voters is an all-volunteer initiative run by Tony the Democrat, the rapid response email team and a handful of other support folks sprinkled around the country. However, the heart and soul of this initiative is the 10,000+ volunteer postcard writers who have handwritten and mailed more than 500,000 postcards as election reminders directly to voters in close, key races coast to coast!!

Since turnout is usually low in off-year special elections, even a few hundred more voters who decide to go out and vote, can determine the outcome of the election. Writing these reminder postcards to fellow American voters helps flip seats Democratic. Join us – it’s easy, enjoyable and important work!

To get started, all you have to do is email Tony and the rapid response team at or text HELLO to ABBY the Address Bot at 1-484-ASK-ABBY (1-484-275-2229). They’ll send you all the info you need to get started, including who the candidate is, when the election is, talking points that need to be included in your postcard, other things you may want to say, and guidelines for respectful and safe use of the voter addresses.

To verify yourself as a volunteer, they will ask that you send them a photo of the first card that you’ve written. Once verified, you can get more addresses anytime you want 24/7 from Abby the Address Bot. Abby is the key to this initiative’s scalability because it is automated and instant.  Abby recognizes all verified volunteers and will greet you politely, tell you which campaigns are in progress now, let you choose which one you want addresses for and then let you request the number of addresses you plan to write within the next 2-3 days. You will receive your addresses along with everything you need to know in a handy one-page file sent immediately to your email and via text message. (If you're not a texter you can also continue to request addresses via email.)

Then it’s up to you (and any friends who want to postcard with you) to write your ‘Dear VIP Voter’ postcards, stamp and mail them. For more details and FAQs, check out the website. And make sure to follow the Postcards to Voters Facebook page for inspiring posts from other volunteers, updates on each candidate’s election results, feedback we’re getting from voters about the cards they receive, and new postcarding campaigns being launched. 

A final note about finances: Tony the Democrat has been paying the fees to run Abby the Address bot out of pocket and from a few donations he has gotten. Abby uses an interactive text service platform that charges $0.0075 for each message she sends and receives. No matter how long or short the message, it's basically 3/4 of a penny. Seems like not very much but it adds up to a few hundred dollars a month when we're in full swing writing for campaigns. That is why we have set up the pricing of the Postcards to Voters blank postcards with sliding scale pricing. The first price option is meant to make postcarding supplies very affordable for volunteers, while the second and third price options offer affordable postcards plus an easy way to contribute a few dollars towards the running of Abby the Address Bot.

Join us! Together we are making a difference.