About Postcards to Voters

Postcards to Voters is an all-volunteer initiative run by Tony the Democrat, the rapid response email team and a handful of other support folks sprinkled around the country. However, the heart and soul of this initiative is the 15,000+ volunteer postcard writers who have handwritten and mailed more than a million postcards as election reminders directly to voters in close, key races coast to coast!!

Any issue neutral postcard design can be used to write to voters.  For voter specific postcards, Collective Vision only carries the new Limited Edition Animal Puns combo set. We used to sell the Be a Voter postcards created by Postcards to Voters, here on this website.  But in order to be able to scale up for the ever-growing number of volunteers, we opened up a Postcards to Voters Amazon Store.  Be a Voter - Original and Be a Voter - Flying Banner designs are now available only on Amazon. Postcard stamps can be conveniently ordered on USPS.com.

 For information about how to get started as a Postcards to Voters writer, check out the PostcardsToVoters.org website. And make sure to follow the Postcards to Voters Facebook page for inspiring posts from other volunteers, updates on each candidate’s election results, feedback we’re getting from voters about the cards they receive, and new postcarding campaigns being launched. 

Join us! Together we are making a difference.