You can make a WORLD of difference

Inspiring postcard packs include everything you need to make activism easy.

  • Let your representatives know your views
  • Encourage voters to go out and vote!
  • Be a part of a growing national movement

Writing postcards is a concrete action that helps bring about change.  Let's do this!

Send Postcards to Voters

Be a Voter postcards are now available exclusively on the Postcards to Voters Amazon Store. Postcard stamps can be conveniently ordered on

My local Eugene volunteers and I will still be the ones prepping the sets for the Amazon store, but since Amazon will be doing the fulfillment, there'll be no more waiting a week for your order to ship while I'm on vacation!  Plus we will now have the capacity to carry multiple designs.  Watch for the new Be a Voter - Flying Banner design launching in late June on Amazon.  

Thanks for being a Postcards to Voters volunteer.  Together we are making a difference!


Send Postcards to Your Congresspeople

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